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Friendly, fun and competent dentistry for kids!

Since 2000 Dr. Rex Gibson has been practicing in Bend and the surrounding areas. He loves children and loves to help children get the dentistry they need. He has made his practice a fun place for kids to visit and, in fact, parents have told us their children ask to go to “Dr. Rex’s.” Dr. Rex uses the lighter arts to handle children. He believes in using good communication and explaining things to children so they understand what is going on.

Making your child comfortable

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Seeing Dr. Rex can be a family affair! His friendly, communicative manner puts children at ease.

Children are not always eager to go to the dentist, so it’s important to put them fully at ease and make their visit a fun one. It starts with our Disney-like practice. We’ve got super heroes on the walls and plenty of video games, movies, toys and even a wall of funny mirrors! Children arriving for their first visit usually gasp in delight and rush off to play!

Dr. Rex takes the time to get to know his patients. A father of four young children himself, he has a good understanding of where a child is at. He talks to children at their level, explaining about their treatment, showing models, illustrated dental books and such. He creates a great rapport with his patients, which allows him to help them get the dental care they need.

Zooka! Dental CareGentle, pain-free care

Nothing makes a child afraid of dental treatment more than experiencing any kind of pain. We make sure your child barely even notices their injections, let alone feels any pain! Dr. Rex uses a strong topical anesthetic which makes injections completely painless. For more extensive treatment, he might also use The Wand, computerized delivery of anesthesia to ensure the correct amount of anesthesia is delivered for neither too little or too much numbing.

Anxious child? Extensive dental work?
No problem. We can take care of most cases in-office, no hospital visit needed

Because our rapport with the child is good, we can avoid the use of sedation for the majority of patients. For the anxious or very young child, we might use some light sedation to take the edge off, and in most cases where extensive treatment is needed, we can avoid expensive and traumatic visits to the hospital for general anesthesia.

Taking the fear out of dentistry

Dental Practice, Zooka! Dental Care

Dr. Gibson takes the time to educate both you and your child on proper oral hygiene.

Your child’s dental health is very important and it’s an integral part of his or her overall health. Poor oral health can affect other areas of the body, for example, gum disease has been proven to be related to heart disease.

It’s Dr. Rex’s mission to make dentistry a good experience for kids. Most people develop dental phobias as children, after one or more bad experiences. Dr. Rex wants takes the fear out of going to the dentist right from the beginning. He makes it fun and enjoyable, and in this way sets them up with good dental care habits for a lifetime.

Ensuring healthy teeth for a lifetime

As well as regular dental visits, it’s important to learn at an early age the right way to take care of teeth. Dr. Rex teaches children how to properly brush and floss their teeth, and he also teaches them why they should. He teaches them how different foods can affect their teeth and how to prevent cavities.

Dental Practice, Zooka! Dental CareFor parents with babies, Dr. Rex recommends bringing your child in before his or her first birthday. He’ll examine your child’s teeth and jaw and see if there are any issues that need to be addressed. As well as taking care of any problems, he’ll educate you on how to ensure your child has strong, cavity-free teeth. You’ll learn what you need to do to keep your child’s teeth healthy, and what you need to avoid.

Meet with Dr. Rex for a consultation

Your child’s first step is a thorough exam, including X-rays if needed. Dr. Rex will explain to you what needs to be done to keep your child’s teeth healthy, or to fix any issues he finds. Usually your child will be able to get a gentle cleaning, right away, with our friendly and knowledgeable hygienists and dental assistants.

For our patients who don’t have insurance, Dr. Rex offers a $49 New Patient Special Offer which includes a full oral exam, check for orthodontic issues, hygiene instruction, and more.

To make an appointment, call (541) 318-5688 or click here to request an appointment online.

Gentle, thorough cleanings

Dental Practice, Zooka! Dental CareOur hygienists and dental assistants know how to connect with children and make their cleaning time a good experience. We’ve been able to help even the most reluctant children get their teeth cleaned, and leave our office with a big smile on their face!

Our cleanings are gentle and thorough. Our hygienists and dental assistants are patient and take their time with each child. Each child gets instruction on how to properly care for their own teeth, and our hygienists and dental assistants encourage them to develop a good oral hygiene routine.

To make an appointment, call (541) 318-5688 or click here to request an appointment online.