Pediatrician wonderful with kids“I was referred to Dr. Rex from a friend and decided to go because it was kid friendly and a fun environment. I like everything about the practice. My daughter’s fears have been eased and my son’s bite has been corrected and he’s now in braces. The whole experience has been convenient, affordable and fun.

“Dr. Rex is genuinely concerned with each kid’s health and wellbeing. He takes time to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Both of my kids love coming to Zooka! Dr. Rex has turned what used to be a scary and upsetting experience for my six-year-old into a fun filled adventure. Thank you, Dr. Rex!”


“I have worked with Dr. Rex of Zooka for more than 10 years and his office is completely designed to cater to children’s needs. As a specialist of orthodontics I have many mutual patients with Dr. Rex and he and his staff create a great experience while he takes care of your child’s general dental needs. The thing is, so many of my kids say they actually have fun at the dentist!”

—Dr. Scot Burgess, Optimal Orthodontics

Pediatrician great with kids“I first heard about Zooka Dental from my mom’s friend. My teeth had spots and were really uneven. I went to Zooka because it is comfortable and Dr. Rex and the staff are really nice. It is a laid back, unstressful environment.

“Now my teeth look whiter and more even. The treatment was relatively quick and it was very easy and all of the spots on my teeth are now gone.”


“Dear Rex, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent care and the very positive experience you and your staff provide for the children we refer to you. We hear nothing but rave reviews from the kids and their parents. I have complete confidence when referring patients to your office, Rex. Thank you for being such a great part of our team.”

—Fred Daum, DMD

Amazing kid Dentist“We originally began our pediatric dental experience with a different dental practice. It was a very negative experience. I knew from the first time we visited Dr. Rex and his amazing staff that we would be lifelong patients (now that adults may come too).

“Dr. Rex is very caring and gentle with the kids and they actually get excited to come to the dentist for routine cleanings. It has been years since we’ve had cavities and I credit Dr. Rex and his staff for this. They truly encourage and motivate good dental hygiene by offering fun incentives and the girls take it very seriously.

“It may seem like an odd thing to say, but we have grown to enjoy and care about Dr. Rex and consider him a friend. Thank you Zooka!”


“I love everything about Zooka. It is always a fun place to come and they always make me laugh. I love how they always have a variety of flavors for fluoride and toothpaste. It is overall a fun experience! Dr. Rex and his team are amazing.”


  • “I like coming to Zooka and I never have a cavity.”


  • “I like coming to Zooka because Dr. Rex takes care of me.”


  • “I love everything about Zooka, Dr. Rex is an amazing dentist!”


Pediatrician good with kids“I like the nice atmosphere and variety of games in the lobby. I like that there’s no pain involved in the procedures.”


“The nice staff and games in the waiting area. The staff is always gentle with all procedures.”


“The games in the waiting room are awesome and I like coming to Zooka.”


Pediatrician great with kids“We first heard about Zooka Dental from a friend, and I thought that the kids would feel comfortable here. Now my kids love to come to the dentist. They always ask when will be the next time they get to go. My kids smile the entire time they are here and their teeth look great!”


“What I like about Zooka is they have a very nice staff and they make me not afraid to come to the dentist again.”


“I like Dr. Rex because he is cool and the ladies are nice. I also like getting a treat.”


Dentist great with kids“A friend of ours recommended Dr. Rex. We needed some old fillings replaced, and our oldest needed braces. All five of us also need regular cleanings. Zooka is great with kids, it has a lobby with video games and prizes for when we checkout. They care for our entire family while maintaining a friendly, caring atmosphere. When our kids get scared, the hygienist or dentist is very patient, explains what needs to be done, and makes it a positive experience.

With three great kids and the need for regular cleanings – one having braces – and checkups for even mom and dad, Zooka has been great! They are very patient in working with the kids, and if they get scared they will talk to them about what interests them and show them genuine care and concern.”


Pediatrician testimonials“All of our kids really enjoy coming because Dr. Rex is a superhero to them. He takes time and shows compassion with all his interactions with the children. He uses creative methods when talking with the children which always brings a smile.

“Dr. Rex is an enthusiastic dentist and runs a well-organized operation. They have a kind staff and well run outfit. Now our sons’ mouths and general oral health could not be any better. We appreciate the effort, information and dedication that Zooka! has shown our family. Thank you.”


“I love Dr. Rex, he makes everything fun and it does not hurt when he pulls a tooth or anything. I also like how there are videogames to play while you wait and you can watch TV and sit on a nice couch. When you get your teeth checked you get to watch any TV show you want. You also get some headphones to use. When you are done you get a prize or a free frosty, even a pizza. I LOVE ZOOKA!”


Additional written testimonials:

“For 25 years I’ve had decalcification lines on my upper front teeth, which made me try to hide the lines when I smile. Dr. Rex recommended trying a product with minimal time in the dental chair and no reduction of my tooth structure. After Dr. Rex applied the product, I instantly noticed that the decalcification lines were minimal. Now I love to smile and show off my teeth. The best words to describe the results is WOW!! Thank you Dr. Rex and the Zooka dental team.”


“I first brought my daughter to Zooka. I had not been to a dentist in more than 2 years. I asked Dr. Rex for a recommendation and he told me that he was bringing an adult dentist in. I have been a patient from the beginning. I would tell everyone to come to Zooka.”


“Dr. Rex is truly “super,” and his amazing sidekick made our visit unbelievably smooth. We have struggled finding someone who understands pediatric dentistry and the gentle hand it requires. Thank you for the easiest visit we have ever experienced.”


“My son really enjoyed his visit to Zooka. Every time we drive by he says “There’s Zooka toothcare for kids.” He is never scared to come in and listens to the miracle workers :). Thank you for changing our dentistry experience to a good one!”


“We appreciate the fantastic care and service we receive at each visit. Whether cleaning or performing extractions, you leave our kids happy. Thanks!”


“The staff and Dr. Rex are wonderful with my two children and make them feel safe and comfortable during any procedure. I highly recommend Zooka to give your children a positive outlook for their dental experience.”


“Thank you, your comforting attitude helped my daughter overcome her fear of the dentist! She was terrified when we arrived, but your calm and gentle approach helped make dental work a pleasant experience!”


“I have been bringing my children to Zooka for the last four years and they love coming to Zooka. They have a very pleasant experience and look forward to returning. They say it’s a pain free visit.”


“My daughter’s lower teeth were crowding and Dr. Rex recommended removing two teeth. Now we are using a retainer and her teeth are moving into place and she may be able to avoid braces. Thanks!”


“I have been coming here since I was a kid and still come here as an adult. The people here are friendly and good at their jobs. I have been coming here for 13 years and have not considered going any place else.”


“We’ve been coming to Zooka for at least 10 years and have only had positive experiences. Our son can be a “tough” customer at times, but everyone at Zooka has been patient and skilled with him from baby teeth through permanent teeth. Thanks Dr. Rex and to all the others at Zooka!”


“My kids look forward to their dentist appointments. Once, my son broke a tooth and was very scared until I told him that captain Rex was going to fix it. He was immediately relieved. The staff is very friendly and makes the experience very comfortable for my kids.”