Special Needs Patients

Special Needs Patients

Dr. Rex has a passion for working with special needs children.

Part of a pediatric dentist’s training is to take care of the special needs patient, children and adults who are suffering from some kind of condition that requires different treatment protocols.

Dr. Rex enjoys working with his special needs patients. He finds them loving patients and easy to connect with. He knows how challenging it can be for parents to look after a special needs child and he makes a point of giving the patient and parent (or other relation), a really good experience.

Special Needs PatientsMost of our special needs patients also enjoy our fun and upbeat office, and look forward to their visit here.

We can help our special needs patients with all their dental needs, and do as much work in our practice as possible. Even patients who typically need to go to a hospital for their dental care can be helped in-office with us, such as patients with Down syndrome or cerebral palsy.

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