Preventive solution to protect child's teeth.

A fast and easy solution to cavity prevention

Dr. Gibson uses sealants as a preventive solution to protect your child’s teeth from cavities during the most vulnerable years. Most young children develop cavities due to excess consumption of sugary foods, and lack of effective brushing and flossing. Sealants provide a solution for keeping food out of the deep grooves of their teeth, and prevent tooth decay. With proper maintenance, sealants can prevent cavities by up to 75% in molars.

What is a sealant?


A sealant is a thin plastic coating used to seal the cusps, or grooves, of the teeth and prevent cavities from developing or worsening. Most cavities are found on the back teeth, where chewing is mostly done. Sealants are able to last for many years if proper care is maintained. The procedure is painless, and makes it easier for your kids to keep their teeth clean. Dr. Gibson can place sealants in just one comfortable and convenient visit.

SealantsThe advantages of sealants

  • Affordable solution to preventing cavities
  • Comfortable application – no pain or discomfort
  • Easy solution for improving your child’s dental hygiene
  • Improves effectiveness of brushing and flossing
  • Sealants can last for years

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