Your Child’s First Visit

First Visit

We’ll make your child feel at home from the beginning!

First VisitAt what age should I bring my child to see Dr. Rex for the first time?

Probably the first thing your child will do when they get here is play, while the adults get to know each other. They’ll get to enjoy movies, video games, toys or our funny mirrors. When you and Dr. Rex are ready, their first step will be a full exam with Dr. Rex. At all times parents are welcome to be with their child.

New Patient Exam

First VisitDr. Rex does a thorough exam of your child’s teeth and jaw. This very thorough exam includes:

  • Full oral exam of teeth and gums to check for cavities and other conditions
  • Orthodontic evaluation of teeth and bite
  • Any needed X-rays
  • Consultation — get any questions answered, learn about treatment procedures
  • Full treatment plan, including the results of the exam, recommended treatment and number of visits

First VisitYour first visit also includes oral hygiene instruction for your child, parental education and anticipatory guidance.

Anticipatory Guidance

Anticipatory Guidance is the term used for letting parents know about the different milestones they can expect in their child’s dental condition and health in the ensuing months and years, especially what they can expect before their child’s next six month checkup.

Dr. Rex does a thorough assessment and gives a detailed report to the parents. Various factors are looked at, such as propensity for cavities, orthodontic issues and habits, such as thumb sucking. Dr. Rex also looks at eating habits and bottle or sippy cup usage. He’ll find out how the child is doing with his or her oral hygiene. Dr. Rex tailors your child’s ongoing care and education around this assessment.

At what age should you bring your child for treatment?

First VisitThe American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association and Dr. Rex all recommend you bring your child in by their first birthday. The primary purpose of this visit is to do a visual exam and to advise you on points such as how to prevent cavities, diet for dental health, how to clean your child’s teeth and gums and how to deal with habits such as pacifier usage and thumb sucking. It’s also the first step in getting your child used to going to the dentist and building trust and rapport.

Your child’s first actual checkup and cleaning should be no later than 18 months old, when your child has front teeth and a molar or two. There are several issues that Dr. Rex looks out for and can prevent if a child is brought in early enough to see him. At the age of 18 months, issues such as nursing at night with juice and dietary habits can be checked to see if they are causing your child any problems. At around age 3, any residual habits such as pacifier usage/thumb sucking should be addressed.

With these checks in place, early measures can be taken before issues get to the point of cavities in the case of dietary aggravation, or a change in position of the teeth or the shape of the jaw in the case of pacifier usage/thumb sucking.

Preventive Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Rex recommends children come into see him around the age of seven specifically to get a check for orthodontic issues. Early, preventive orthodontic care can minimize any time needed for later orthodontics, and maximize later orthodontic care’s effectiveness. Learn more about Preventive Orthodontic Treatment.

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